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Hollywood Dirt, the bestseller by Alessandra Torre, has been green-lit for film production! Even more exciting, it starts filming this year in Mississippi! The film will premiere in early 2017, and will be available worldwide. Readers who want updates can follow Alessandra Torre online, as well as subscribe to her newsletter. For fans interested in a more in-depth experience, you can apply to be a Hollywood Dirt Insider!

Hollywood Dirt Movie FanpageApply to be a Hollywood Dirt Insider | Movie Website

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Additional information in celebration of this news!

We are having a Hollywood week on Goodreads to celebrate! Come and chat Hollywood heroes, movie-worthy books, and adaptations! We’ll also have an entire day of giveaways and movie events!

Shh… Hollywood Red Carpet Event Oct. 9-15!

Join Shh…: http://goo.gl/OmQUZv
RSVP to the fun: https://goo.gl/MGpZdg
Giveaway: https://goo.gl/Hgf0YW
Hollywood Chat: https://goo.gl/Afo0cb
Alessandra’s Hollywood Gala (Oct 13): https://goo.gl/Afo0cb


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